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I’m Rae, an NLP master practitioner and breakthrough coach. I believe that alignment is the key to emotional freedom, and emotional freedom is the key to a rich and whole life. When your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions are congruent with who you really are – living the life you want is effortless.

We all deserve to heal our wounds. Free yourself from the struggle and let yourself dance with life!


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"Rae is a profoundly intuitive and beautiful soul. She has helped me overcome hurdles that I didn't even know were standing in my way! Through her techniques I have been able to let go of damaging beliefs and get back my happiness and passion for life!"
Amy Cook
"Within an hour and a half working with Rae, I felt like my entire outlook on life changed. Seriously. She was able to guide me through looking back on my childhood experiences whilst creating a comfortable environment whilst discussing these things. I laughed and cried and took the time to pull out underlying experiences which have shaped the choices I have made. I can honestly say Rae is someone you didn't know you couldn't live without!"
"Working with Rae is a breath of fresh air! Her bubbly personality instantly made me feel more enthusiastic in trying certain 'techniques' for NLP that normally I would have refused to try and laughed at. That being said, the process is working and I am not only happier but I'm achieving my goals that we mapped out together."
Rory Hope
Singer Songwriter


Who, me?

Hey! I’m Rae. I help people release their emotional chains and re-program their unconscious patterns to create space for a delicious life.

I’ve transformed my life, and I’m living and breathing proof that you can absolutely have anything when you’re aligned with your journey.

I’ll help you heal your hurt and remove the blocks and barriers stopping you from being the person you want to be, and having the life you want to live.

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