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I believe that alignment is the key to a rich and beautiful life, and that you absolutely deserve it. When your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions are congruent with what you want – achieving is effortless. We have one life on this planet, anything that isn’t your dream life simply isn’t good enough.

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See what we can achieve together!

  • Gain a loving relationship with yourself
  • Manifest and achieve your dream career
  • Attract your ideal parter & maintain a thriving relationship
  • Install new habits
  • Remove self sabotaging patterns
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Release phobias, fears and anxieties
  • Gain financial freedom and prosperity
  • Heal trauma
  • Remove unwarranted levels of emotion surrounding a trigger
"Rae is a profoundly intuitive and beautiful soul. She has helped me overcome hurdles that I didn't even know were standing in my way! Through her techniques I have been able to let go of damaging beliefs and get back my happiness and passion for life!"
Amy Cook
"Working with Rae is a breath of fresh air! Her bubbly personality instantly made me feel more enthusiastic in trying certain 'techniques' for NLP that normally I would have refused to try and laughed at. That being said, the process is working and I am not only happier but I'm achieving my goals that we mapped out together."
Rory Hope
Singer Songwriter
"Rae is the most naturally intuitive person I've ever met. Working with her, I'll often find myself surrendering facts and beliefs (that I didn't even know I held). Her boundless enthusiasm and passion for her craft are contagious, and you can't help but leave the session feeling ready to take on the world."
Dan Jones
Digital Marketing Director


Who, me?

Hey! I’m Rae. In a very short space of time I went from an uber-depressed emotional wreck (who absolutely despised herself) into a thriving breakthrough coach and wholesome yogi!

Utilising Neuro-Lingustic Programming techniques, I coach people to success in all areas of life. I’m living and breathing proof that your dream life is 100% possible, and is indeed just around the corner.

I’ll help you illicit your outcome and remove the subconscious barriers stopping you from getting there – so you can attract your goals with ease.

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