A little lot about me.

Hey you. I’m Rae, a breakthrough coach, NLP master practitioner, yoga teacher and devout sun-worshipper.

I believe that alignment is the key to emotional freedom, and an exceptional life. 

My life now

I live in Newcastle, UK, with my glorious partner Dan, with whom I proudly parent 25 precious houseplants. We spend our free time adventuring, philosophising, and wining and dining our way around every restaurant in the city (oops).

As a breakthrough coach, I help people release old patterns, overwhelming emotions, internal conflicts and damaging beliefs holding them back in life.

I guide my clients to tap into their inner wisdom and integrate their desires, to become the person they want to be, and to discover the path they want to travel.

I’m also a practicing yogi – I teach both locally and online – and my one true love is hot vinyasa (drools). I’m in my element on the mat, it’s magical to see students unify their body, mind and soul.

It’s safe to say, life is pretty blissful.

But, life used to be all force and no flow

Much like the weather in Britain, my life was predominately shit. As long as I can remember I was crippled with appalling mental health. 

And by no means did I have it hard – I was very privileged. In fact, part of the problem was overwhelming guilt that I should feel happy.

But I wasn’t happy, I was an anxiety-riddled self-saboteur.

I seemed to feel everything so much more than anyone around me, and yet had no way of healthily expressing or coping with the humongous feelings I was feeling. I had many interests but absolutely no purpose or motivation to explore anything that I enjoyed.

I was dangerously self-aware. I knew I was a walking car crash but I had no clue what to do about it. 

I knew there was something going so very wrong in my psyche but nowhere I turned to provided the what, the why, or a framework for healing.

I’d been in and out of counselling – and on and off anti-depressants – from the age of 15. Nothing worked, and after my third bout of suicidal thoughts, I’d firmly accepted that I would be battling with myself on and off for the rest of my life. 

I was stuck...

A series of failed relationships had crushed me, and I found myself broken and alone, and very convinced that any future romantic venture would suffer the same devastating end.

I coped by running away from myself and my emotions. Only to find, inconveniently that they somehow managed to follow me wherever I went.

I blew all of my money blacking out and destroying my body in Thailand and Ibiza (yes really). And repeatedly suffered the corresponding anxiety attacks the mornings after – see picture, cute I know.

I was trying to fit in with something or someone, yearning to find a place or a group I belonged to.

I felt as if I ruined everything I put my hand to; almost every friend, every relationship, experience and job ended up as something that didn’t work out.

Unearthing my path

I was living in Manchester, working a retail job I despised, broke, and stuck in a quagmire of self-loathing.

I was desperate to live, to experience the world, to find what I loved and have it consume my whole being.

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but it was clear I couldn’t continue living like that. 

Then two inconceivable things happened.

A friend suggested we go to a hot yoga class, and hot damn those 60 minutes following that throwaway decision hurled my life onto a different track.

I became hooked. How could this thing have the power to wholly consume my focus and light up this drive within me? Magic?

I intuitively knew it was something that I fundamentally needed, even if I wasn’t yet logically able to understand why. It was one of the most overwhelming pulls I’ve felt in my life and I’m glad I followed it.

Yoga taught me so much: how to sit with my feelings, how to breathe. I slowed down, created space in myself and found abundant acceptance.

And then came the introduction between myself and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Well fuck me.

It felt like someone had given me a instruction manual to the human brain.

A comprehensive, compassionate and completely effective instruction manual to the brain.

finally found a way to release problems that I’d held on to my whole life. Ingrained issues that I’d come to believe were a part of me, were able to be let go of surprisingly easily.

I was able to re-wire my beliefs to create a healthy and whole person, with the power to release internal blueprints that no longer served me.

It completely shifted not just how I felt, but how I thought, behaved, how I experienced the world. It shifted what I wanted out of life, and what I believed was possible.

NLP provided me with a toolkit that I can apply to any problem that I will ever encounter for the rest of my life.

So yeah

I wasn’t a broken person who magically got fixed, I was just someone that couldn’t yet see their path. A person chronically bound by their own limitations, programmes and patterns.

I’m not perfect, far from it. But now I embrace imperfection, accepting what I can’t change and changing whatever I want to change. I’m constantly growing and well equipped not just to manage, but revel in the ebbs and flows of life. I will forever be unapologetically chasing after whatever my heart desires.

My enthusiasm for the crafts that changed my life is overflowing. And I’m committed to sharing those practices with the world.

Now, using the same tools that made me, I help others let go of their history and build a life they’re obsessed with.

Don’t accept a life that is anything less than sensational!

Are you ready to start your journey with me?​

the first call is absolutely free!