Breakthrough Coaching

Discover a life without boundaries

Breakthrough coaching is a direct, powerful practice to remove subconscious barriers to your freedom. Every person on the planet has an infinite potential to be, do, and have anything they want in life even if your mental constructs have other plans.

With the right tools, you can break through any problem, align with your purpose and unlock emotional freedom.

What is Breakthrough Coaching?


My Three Favourite Techniques


Timeline is the crème de la crème of change work. It’s the go-to for releasing overwhelming emotional patterns, and whipping out biggggg limiting beliefs. I’ll guide you to the root cause, the first event which, when disconnected will heal up the problem and prevent it from happening again. Your unconscious mind will take you wherever you need to go and you’ll look down at the memory and learn whatever you need to learn and heal your past self from a dissociated, adult perspective. Thats it - the problem will disappear.


Reimprints are like timelines and parts integrations smooshed together and on steroids. We’ll go back to the root cause of a limiting emotion/belief/decision/pattern and instead of directly healing your younger self, you heal and upgrade the people around you that you modelled at the time (which are often internalised as parts). By doing so, you heal your own conflict and the problem melts away.

Parts Integration

Often problems arise when different “parts” of your psyche (different expressions of the self formed in childhood) are incompatible and can’t co exist peacefully. This usually manifests as self-sabotage and a lot of negative emotion. Parts integration will unify the two parts by finding the unconscious highest purposes of the behaviours etc which will allow your unconscious mind to merge them as a whole. This eliminates negative emotion and will help you make a decision or find a compromise.

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