Breakthrough Coaching

Discover a life without boundaries

Breakthrough coaching is a direct, powerful practice to remove barriers to your dream life and unlock your full potential. After all, you’re capable of becoming anyone and being anything you want, but somewhere along the line you’ve decided differently.

We start life as integrated humans, free of irrational fears and bearing an uncompromising will to take on the world. Ever see a baby fall over and decide that walking’s just not for them? No, me either. It’s a learned behaviour!

The problem is, we go through life picking up damaging beliefs, patterns and practices that act like an overbearing parent, holding us back from experiencing life to its fullest. At the mercy of our subconscious mind, “I can’t do this, I’m good enough, etc” – it’s exhausting.

Your beliefs create your experience.

You deserve more, we all do. Every being on this planet should be living a wonderful, thriving and love-filled life. A life without boundaries.

That’s precisely what we create through breakthrough coaching. A streamlined process to quickly and efficiently identify the sources of problems, resolve them and move on. We’re like NLP ninjas!

By removing these disempowering beliefs, healing, and aligning your thoughts and processes with what you want to achieve/have/become using fine-tuned NLP techniques, attracting your dream life becomes effortless.


So how does this all work?

Ever had something absolutely awful happen to you? Probably. Could you turn it into an opportunity? Most likely. We constantly add meaning to everything that happens in our life, and whether this is fantastically empowering or painfully disempowering, it’s not real. Nothing is inherently bad or good, so the way that we choose to think about and frame an event completely dictates your experience in the world. Breakthrough coaching will put you back in the drivers seat.

“My redundancy means I’m unappreciated”
> My redundancy gives me the chance to spend time on the projects I’m passionate about and move towards my dream career.

“The abuse I endured has left me broken”
> I am strong enough to take the learnings from this experience and my strength makes me unstoppable.

“My breakup means I’m unlovable”
> My breakup means that they weren’t the right person for me and I still have the joy of meeting my ideal partner yet to come.

“Their anger is because they hate me”
> Their anger is because they feel insecure and threatened.

It’s a simple truth that sometimes we need to let shit go in order to move forward. Deep rooted beliefs that sealed themselves into our subconscious a long time ago (that often we can’t even consciously remember happening) hold us back in life. As this cycle repeats, it’s like a hammer smashing the belief further and further into your person.

Whether that belief is coming to a head as self-sabotage, indecision, chronic anxiety, unwarranted amounts of emotion, or stopping you from even trying – let’s let that shit gooo. The unconscious mind holds the root cause, and using NLP we can weed it out for good.

Belief – “People are going to leave me”
> Self-sabotaging pattern at a systematic and unconscious level > causing self-fulfilling prophecy – people actually leave.

Belief – “People don’t listen to me”
> Lack of or excess communication, mismatching energy levels and lack of rapport > causing self-fulfilling prophecy – people don’t listen.

Belief – “There’s no point trying because I know I’ll fail” (fear of failure)
> Tries and fails because they believe at their core that they’ll fail > causing self-fulfilling prophecy. Or doesn’t even try because the belief is so debilitating and therefore never achieves.

Breakthrough coaching (via NLP) provides a fast-track way to get your brain on board. How convenient! We insert your outcome (what it is that you absolutely most want) into your subconscious as a “future memory”, so that the unconscious mind latches on to this as an inevitable future and acts accordingly.

Part of the function of the unconscious mind is to prove whatever it believes to be true. This means that at an unconscious level, your brain is going to be seeking out opportunities, resources and attitudes that support your outcome because it’s already locked in as a part of your personal future. Yes, this is brain magic.

Future memories are incredibly sensory, specific and personal to the manifester – there is no right or wrong.
It tends to be that “oh shit moment” when you realise that you’ve achieved what you set out to.

Outcome – “I will be the author of a bestselling book”
example moments > feeling the book in your hands, getting the book deal call, raising a glass of champagne at your launch party.

Outcome – “I will attract a partner, and enjoy a loving and whole relationship”
example moments > the first moment you first feel that pang of love, embracing each other, talking and expressing love.

An integral part of breakthrough coaching is adopting the beliefs and patterns that will get you wherever it is you want to go. It’s one of the most simple and effective ways to find success. We have NLP techniques to cover just about everything, so what needs to change for you to attract your outcome?

Do you need to imbed a new habit into your daily routine? Do you need to go forward with a fresh attitude? Do you need to eliminate a phobia that’s standing in your way? Do you need to understand a challenging character in your life in order to progress?

“In order to run a successful business I should to be consistent in my communication with people but I procrastinate a lot”
> Install a habit of replying as soon as you read an email.

“In order to get the promotion I want I need to deliver a presentation at work but can’t speak in front of a group of people”
> Remove phobia of public speaking.

“To be my best self I need to prioritise self-care but I struggle to find the time”
> Develop a new strategy for self care and install into routine as a unconscious habit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each 60 minute breakthrough session is an investment of £90.

Breakthrough coaching is a series of short and powerful sessions, streamlined to get you exactly what you want effectively and timely. How many sessions we do varies depending on what you want to achieve and what we need to do to get you there, but it’s direct and hugely successful, not a painstaking or long process.

Absolutely. It’s a universal coaching standard that anything you disclose will be held with utmost privacy. Any correspondence and notation taken during coaching will be password protected.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to understanding communication, perception and behaviour. It’s a collection of techniques and methods that are used to elicit behavioural change and personal development. 

NLP was created in the 1970’s by two students, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They observed extremely effective therapists and hypnotists who’s success was attributed to key core beliefs, communication patterns and behaviours. Bandler and Grinder modelled what worked and fine-tuned this to comprise the methods and models that are at its core NLP.

Never. All techniques used to heal past painful events (and phobias) are done from a dissociated perspective. Dissociation eliminates the emotion from the event, providing you with the clarity to work through and let go without ever having to get caught up in the feelings. 

Breakthrough coaching is outcome focused, so unlike traditional therapy we won’t spend forever mulling over your deepest darkest memories. Sometimes we need to let go of the past to move on, but our focus is on your dream life, not on your history. 

Nope! Providing you have a strong wifi connection and quiet space to video call from then we’re set to go. Online sessions offer more flexibility and convenience – you can even do it in your pj’s.

Alternatively if you’d prefer in-person sessions and you’re located in the North East, UK, coaching can potentially be arranged in your own home.

  • Master practitioner of the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (both ABNLP and INLPTA certified) (2020)
  • ABNLP certified NLP practitioner (2018)
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy accredited hypnotherapy practitioner certification (2020)
  • 200hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (2018)

Hypnotherapy is an immensely relaxing way to instigate big change. It utilises the magically suggestive nature of theta brainwaves to directly positively influence and communicate with the unconscious mind. Bypassing the busyness of the conscious mind, hypnotherapy is a calming and symbolic tool to conquer seemingly insurmountable problems. 

You are in control the whole time. 

  • NLP and hypnotherapy certifications – Reed-Robbins Performance Solutions
  • Yoga certification – Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Centre

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