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You get one chance at this life, so it’s important that you make it the most outrageously fulfilling life ever. Unfortunately, too many of us go through life crippled by our insecurities and overwhelming emotions. We are destined to repeat the same cycles over and over again until we decide enough is enough and breakthrough.

This is exactly what breakthrough coaching is for. My holistic coaching approach unifies the conscious and unconscious mind with your purpose, giving you the power to effortlessly live your truth. Now is the time to set yourself free!

What’s my role in this? 

My role is the guide. Armed with NLP, and other life changing tools I’ll help you connect with your inner wisdom to eliminate anything and everything that’s been holding you back.

I’ll help you identify and release the root cause of your struggles, clearing the path to achievement.

I’m also your accountability right hand woman, confidant and when appropriate – resident yogi. I also promise to cry happy tears when you have the most amazing breakthroughs. What more could you need? 

Nowhere near me? No problem!

We can coach online too! I help clients from all over the world thanks the the wonders of technology. Praise the NLP gods for Zoom.


Take the first steps to your dream life

Chemistry Call

In a complimentary call, we’ll explore what's going on in your life, discuss how I can best help you and see if we’re a good match!


Together, we’ll uncover what you really want and bring anything that’s in your way to light. We’ll get it all out on the table and have some “aha!” moments mapping out what problems are coming up for you.


Just. Like. That. We’ll heal those huge emotions at the core and shatter though your limiting beliefs. We’ll align your feelings, thoughts and actions with your path, opening up space for you to be authentically, deliciously free.

Sometimes we all need a bit of clarity before we can commit to a new path. That’s exactly what the complimentary chemistry call sets out to establish. If you’re not sure exactly what you need or where to start – this is for you. There’s no pressure, no hard sell, just a chilled chat about what matters most. Ready to take the first step?


How can I help you?

Stand-Alone Session

1x 1hr session £90.

Coaching Block

6x 1hr sessions or 4x 90min sessions. Deep dive life experience questionnaire. £460 - 15% off my hourly rate (save £80)

Want to know more about the life changing healing you’re getting your self into? Check out my what is breakthrough coaching page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change is like a good rollercoaster – both exciting and scary.

Humans are biologically resistant to change to an extent. Sameness keeps us safe – if we live like we always have, then we can be more certain of what we’ll get in life (even if that means being stuck living a life we’re not in love with).

When you change, the world changes around you. And I get it, changing your universe can be nerve wracking, but it’s also fucking thrilling.

And the thing is, you’re here reading this – so some part of you must be ready for big juicy change.

At the end of the day, does the fear of life staying the same overcome the fear of change?

Is the excitement of a shiny new future big enough for you to stick your fingers up at your problems and take the plunge into your amazing new life?

I’ve been there and and I totally understand. It can feel a little daunting investing in yourself financially but I can assure you money spent gifting yourself the gift of emotional freedom is far more life changing than anything else money could buy.

Unshakable self worth is worth more than gold and diamonds.

I invite you to consider what is the cost of being free from your issues and limitations?

People find money for things that matter to them and YOU are a big investment.

That being said, I’m the first to stop you putting yourself at financial risk, so if cash is tight at the moment – payment plans are available.

Breakthrough coaching provides exceptional results because it primarily works with the unconscious mind.

Why is this so powerful? Well 95% of your life comes from your unconscious childhood programs.

My job is predominately to guide you to the limiting decision, emotion or conflict, so that you can heal, release and integrate right at the core. Then you get to watch your problem drift out to sea in a viking-esque burial never to ever bother you again.

I use the same techniques with my clients that I use in my own personal life. I’ve not just seen results but I’ve felt them first hand and I aim to be as authentic, vulnerable and honest about my own journey with you as possible.

Taking a leap of faith can bring up some uncertainty, that’s why I have a breakthrough coaching page to explain just what it is you can expect from sessions.